6 Tips to sell your ebook online

sell your ebook online

If you are an author or writer and you have your book, manual or document and you want to sell your ebook online, we give you some tips that you can follow.

TIP1: Create a Paypal account


You must create a Paypal account to receive payments in order to sell your ebook online.

In any publication platform they will ask you for an account where they can enter the royalties.

By creating an account with Paypal you can associate it with a bank account of your choice without putting your data publicly, with this you increase security and avoid future problems.

TIP2: Add your ebook on online ebook distribution platforms

On all platforms they will ask you for data to be able to bill you for the income.

At present they usually ask you for information regarding your residence.

As they are platforms located in the US, you will have to indicate that you are a non-resident in the US so that the taxes of this country do not apply to you.

Sign up for some ebook distribution platforms such as


Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP






Keep in mind that the distribution platforms will charge you some commission for the sale.

In the case of Amazon, if the price of the ebook is between 2.99 and 9.99 USD, your royalties will be 70%, in any other case they will be 35%

In the rest of the platforms, your royalties will be 75% if it is sold in your store and of the order of 60% if they are sold in other platforms.

In smashwords and lulu, they will be in charge of publishing your ebook on different sales platforms such as Amazon, ibook store, Google books, scribbd …

TIP3: Promote your book your social networks


Add a post on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or twitter promoting your book.

It is vitally important that you make your ebook known in multiple ways to try to reach more public.

I recommend that you advertise on Pinterest and create a Facebook page where you can publicize the book and have buyers ask you about it.

Another option that might interest you is that these platforms advertise your ebook, for example you can sign up for Facebook Ads and they segment your target market. This is a good option but somewhat expensive.


TIP4: Create a post in news aggregators

You can include a post or comment about your book in the news aggregators



Keep in mind that news aggregators are seen by a lot of people but they usually do not allow direct spamming of links.

You can also enter Quora and respond to topics related to the theme of your ebook and take the opportunity to link to your website or Facebook.

TIP5: Advertise on your blog

If you have a web page, add links to the ebook distribution platforms.

If you have a website or blog you can include links to the distribution platforms you chose and thus generate more traffic.

TIP6: Set up your online store

If you have a website with WordPress install a plugin like WooCommerce and create your own online store to sell your products.

This would be the best option since all the profits from the sales would go to you without charges to the distributor.

With this option you could sell your ebook at a cheaper price taking into account that you do not have to pay commissions.

You can also give your ebook to your new subscribers temporarily and thus have more visits to your website.


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