Aid for the Digitization of companies


Aid for the Digitization of companies

Lately, initiatives are emerging to promote digitization and create advanced technological projects that allow SMEs to be more competitive in the market.


A few months ago a publisher contacted me because I was considering the possibility of transferring their books in physical format to digital format (epub), in the end the project could not be completed because they were expensive and they would study it in the future.


Many companies that want to innovate and want to do new things in the technological field, cannot do so due to a lack of resources or aid that will allow them to bring their projects to fruition.


In this sense, the government and the EU are granting aid to SMEs to digitize their projects.


If you are interested you can look at the Accelerate SME page at % 80% 9Cico-redes-accelelera


I find it a very interesting initiative for companies to promote their development and create jobs in these difficult times for many people.

I believe that digitization, training and technology are ways that many companies can follow to grow, create jobs and grow this country that so badly needs it.


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