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ChatGPT Artificial intelligence for everyone


The revolution with which we have started this year 2023 is, without a doubt, the artificial intelligence of ChatGPT that can be part of many areas of our lives. It has surprised the world with its enormous capabilities, being a conversational AI based on an advanced GPT-3 text comprehension/generation model and that can offer us detailed answers with the most ‘natural’ language possible.


In this way, we can talk with ChatGPT about almost any topic, and it will try to give us the most natural and precise answer possible. Although it is not perfect, if we ask it, it can help us with anything, be it programming, a piece of information of interest, and it can even write a text based on an idea. You can try it for yourself for free and see it with your own eyes.


The use of artificial intelligence is becoming more advanced and today it can help us by facilitating some tasks.


What practical uses can be given to ChatGPT?


1. Search for information on a specific topic

Until now, if we had any questions about a topic, we would go to Google and look for it.

Now we can ask ChatGPT directly and it will provide us with information using a more natural and understandable language.


2, Writing articles

ChatGPT can generate an article giving you a general idea of what you want to write.

You can help us to elaborate themes totally or partially


Book summaries

We can ask you for a summary of a book in a few paragraphs.


Programming code review

If you are a computer programmer, you can give him a piece of code written in a programming language like Puthon or C and he will find possible errors in the code.


You can try ChatGPT by entering the page

OpenAI ChatGPT


In the future, using AI technologies, it will be possible to automate a whole series of tasks that today are done manually, saving many costs for companies and increasing their digitization and Digital Transformation process.