ChatGPT First steps

ChatGPT First steps

Basic Course ChatGPT from 0 Chap.3

In this chapter we will indicate how to access ChatGPT and how to start asking questions that interest us.

To start using ChatGPT, you must first create an OpenAI account. You can do this by visiting and signing up with an email. Once you have logged into your OpenAI account, you should read the ChatGPT Terms and Disclosure and click Next. Then you can start asking.

Another option is to use another provider that has the ChatGPT API integrated, such as Microsoft’s Bing search engine.

Bing AI is a technology used to improve the search experience on Bing. The new Bing search presents an AI chatbot capable of giving comprehensive answers to complex search queries, as they have integrated it with the latest OpenAI AI model.

From here you can ask whatever you want and get a more or less precise answer depending on whether the question is very generic or detailed.

If the answer is given to you in English, you can write something like Write me in Spanish and from there all the answers will be in Spanish.

The system saves the last questions and answers offered and remembers the context so the questions can be asked from more generic to more specific.


ChatGPT First steps

One of the uses that you can give to ChatGPT is to search for information as you did up to now in Google or Wikipedia.

For example, ask them to point out all the books written by Stephen King and they will answer something like

Stephen King is a prolific author and has written numerous books throughout his career. Here I provide you with a list of some of his most popular titles:


“Salem’s Lot”

“The glow”

“The wanted”

“The Dead Zone”

“Fire Eyes”



“The dance of death”

“The talisman”



“Gerald’s Game”

“The green Mile”


“Hearts in Atlantis”

“The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon”

“Under the dome”


“Doctor Sleep”

“Mr Mercedes”


“The Dome”

“The Bazaar of Bad Dreams”

“The visitor”


This list is not exhaustive, as Stephen King has written many other books, but these are some of the best known and most popular.

If you then ask something like

What is the visitor about?

He will answer you with a short review of the book The Visitor by Stephen King.

You can see that the answers are based not only on the last question asked but also take into account the previous ones to have a tighter context and give a tighter answer.

Interesting, right ?

In future chapters of the course we will learn how to ask more precise questions (prompts) to obtain more valuable information.


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