Convert text to speech with

Convert text to speech with

Convert text to speech with

Currently there are several tools that allow us to convert text to speech.

A highly recommended option is provided by the website

With you can generate realistic text-to-speech (TTS) audio using online AI speech generator and the best synthetic voices. Instantly convert text to natural-sounding speech and download as MP3 and WAV audio files.

Use the best text-to-speech AI voices
Choose from a growing library of 907 natural-sounding AI-generated voices with human intonation in 142 languages and accents powered by machine learning.

Frequent uses that you can give to


Narrative voices capable of pronouncing terminology and acronyms in training materials

Audio Articles

Embed SEO friendly audio widgets on your websites for accessibility and engagement.


Generate audio from a written script that you can use to create your own podcasts.

The audio you create or upload to your dashboard can be distributed to all the major podcasting platforms, including iTunes, Spotify, and Google Podcasts, to increase the overall reach of your content.

To create your audio content, you can use our library of the world’s leading AI voices from Google, Amazon, IBM, and Microsoft, or even upload your own audio.

Integration in your blog with Worpress

Install a WordPress plugin and offer embedded audio for your readers



907 AI voices

Choose from a growing library of 907 natural-sounding text-to-speech voices in 142 languages and accents.

voice styles

Use expressive emotional speaking styles to make voices sound more natural and engaging.

multi voice function

Create conversations as voiceovers using different voices for sentences in the same audio file.

voice inflections

Adjust the rate, pitch, emphasis, and pauses to create a more appropriate tone of voice.

custom pronunciations

Defines how specific words are pronounced. Save and reuse those pronunciations when synthesizing speech.

preview mode

Hear and preview a single paragraph or the entire text before converting it to speech.

If you are interested, access  and find out about plans and ways of access.

Convert text to speech with