Coursera online courses

Surely you have already heard about Coursera Online Courses.

In this article we explain how it works and what options you have to follow its online courses


Coursera is a company dedicated to making MOOC-type online courses, what makes it different from other options is that the courses are mostly developed by prestigious universities around the world.


The platform has a wide range of courses that may interest you … courses in technology, engineering, medicine, business …

To follow the Coursera online courses you must register on the platform and choose one of the available options


The options offered by Coursera are several

Follow the courses as a listener

You can sign up for a course and follow the classes without paying anything


Obtain a certificate of completion of the course

You can obtain the certificate of completion of the course and attach it to your curriculum


It is an excellent option to improve your resume and demonstrate your competence in the areas of your interest.


The price of the certificate varies depending on the course but is usually around $ 50 to $ 100



It is a monthly subscription whose price ranges between 39 and 79 dollars per month.

This option is very good if you are interested in taking several courses or a sequence of courses in the same specialty.

With this option you can obtain all the certifications of the courses you take


Of all these options, which one interests you the most ???

It depends on what you want to study and the time you can dedicate to it.

You can first choose a course and attend as a listener and see if it suits your needs


Later if you see that you like how the courses are developed, you can obtain the certificate

The interesting thing is to follow a specialty for a few months and complete a series of courses on one or more topics to become an expert and be able to demonstrate your knowledge later.

Personally, I would recommend a Specialty since doing several courses is cheaper and you can offer yourself as an expert in a subject by having taken a series of courses on the same subject


If you are interested, enter Coursera by following the following link, register and review the courses of your interest

Reach your goals with Coursera


Some courses that might interest you are

Python 3 Programming (Specialization)

Python course specialization

. Python Basics

. Python Functions, Files, and Dictionaries

. Data Collection and Processing with Python

.Python Classes and Inheritance



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