Creating a blog with WordPress

Creating a blog with WordPress

Some time ago I created a blog in which to express some topics that interested me and now I am creating a blog with WordPress..

To start, create it for free with the tools provided by Google (blogger) and you can see the result at


Many people recommend creating a blog with WordPress, so I decided to buy my own domain and try what I could do to improve my blog.

First I searched the internet for hosting providers and especially what they cost.

I decided on a provider and signed up for a relatively cheap fee.


The next thing was to decide the domain name ..

Lately several domains with extensions like .io, .net, .home etc etc can be registered but as I am a classic I decided on the typical .com of all life, so I registered the domain

After a short time (which would be 5 or 10 minutes) I already had my new domain and my web space …

So I entered in the browser and it was starting to see something… it was already officially on the internet ..


After consulting the control panel of the internet provider I went to the WordPress option (which was already pre-installed along with a MySql database) and I started to see the Themes to choose something that was simple but colorful, following the functionality that my old blog had.

Uff Themes there are many, many free and many paid.

In the end, I chose the Fluida theme, which is quite good and simple and I started to see how to build my blog little by little, with the help of a tutorial.


WordPress gives an infinity of options, plugins, many for free that can be useful for you and give a very good look to your website, especially in my opinion a very professional look that was a bit what I was looking for.


For the specific topic of a blog it works much the same as the Google blogger.

Basically you have options to add blog entries, create pages where to group links, images, etc.

The theme of the entries is quite successful, with SEO and Legibility options that guide you on how to improve the entries to get more visitors.


You have options to add a menu and configure the options in a very practical way.

You can also choose between various designs, with sidebars, bottoms … where to put Widgets as last entries, calendar, last comments …


Up to there question of going passing my blog entries to the new domain with the copy and paste of a lifetime.


In general, this WordPress is a success, it is super interesting and amazing things can be done.

The most unstable thing is the amount of plugins that you can add and get extra functionality, such as

. Neswletter, to get a list of subscribers

. PolyLang, in case you want to publish your blog in several languages

. Auto-optimize, to optimize images and code and make your pages load faster

. Jetpack, know how many people have accessed your blog and from which countries

. etc

In future articles I will comment on more things that I am investigating and how to do them.


Patience this is going to be long …

A greeting


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