Data scientist A career with a future

Data scientist A career with a future

Data scientist A career with a future

A professional career that is booming lately is that of Data Scientist.

In this article we explain what a data scientist is, what areas he specializes in, and the benefits it can have for your professional future.

The main task of a data scientist is to prepare a huge amount of raw data to obtain relevant information for a company’s business.

In this sense, it is worth noting the difference between data and information. The raw data is not in itself any kind of information. The information is obtained based on various data through relationships between separate data, associations, regression, history, etc.


Data scientist A career with a future BASIC ABILITIES

The basic skills of a data scientist are

Big data

Big Data is large amounts of data that cannot normally be processed with traditional tools.

It is necessary to learn new ways of dealing with this data with tools like Apache Hadoop or Apache Spark.

Data modeling

A task to represent data in a database system.

data visualization

Know and master tasks to represent data visually.

Machine learning

Artificial Intelligence techniques to predict future events based on historical data.


Know even the bases of applied statistics for data processing.



Knowledge of languages such as Python and R are necessary to automate data management tasks.


collaborative tools

Know teamwork tools to establish links with other specialists such as systems engineers,



The most prominent benefit of a data scientist career is the high salary that companies are willing to pay for this type of specialist.

Salaries depend on the country you live in, the experience you can bring to the table, and other factors, but are usually higher than other disciplines such as engineers or programmers.


One question you may be asking yourself is how do I start my career as a data scientist?

You can take a MOOC course on learning platforms such as edX, Coursera, Udemy…

You can also get started in the necessary basic skills such as Python programming, applied statistics, data visualization, Big Data, etc.

Later on, and if you like what you are learning and want to continue your studies, you can take a specialization course or master’s degree in Data Science to obtain official accreditation to swell your resume and make your professional career more attractive in order to obtain a good position. of work.


From here I encourage you to start taking off in your professional career with training with a great future.

Greetings to all.


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