Difficulties when programming

Today many people approach the world of programming hoping to gain some knowledge and be able to apply it in a future job or just because they are attracted to the world of technology.

The problem that the so-called “art” of programming is definitely not for everyone.
To program and dedicate yourself to it professionally, you must not only learn a programming language, but you must study other concepts such as logic, design, data analysis, programming methods and techniques, operating systems, etc.

The main problem of a person who begins to program is when he sits in front of a computer and says, what do I do now?

Before starting to “chop code” you have to analyze the problem or project to be carried out.

Think about possible solutions to the problem and once well thought out and assimilated think about what programming language to implement it.

In my professional life I have come across in many cases programs that were rushed, either because of the rush to finish a project or because the programmers were not clear about the steps necessary to implement a software solution.

The result is a complete gibberish impossible to maintain, modify, without feet or head …

I am in favor of the more people who program and dedicate themselves to computing the better. That is why education in technological subjects and careers should be promoted.

I encourage you to train in programming step by step, starting with the basics and continuing with more complicated systems.

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