Digital Culture

On this occasion we are going to talk about some concepts related to the digital culture in which we are immersed in these last years.


It is a virtual currency that you can buy and sell on the internet, it is transferred directly between people without the need for intermediaries, so the commissions are minimal. Its software is open and anyone can review the code.

Transactions are verified by people called ‘miners’ and they are rewarded for their work with bitcoins. After the transfer is confirmed by the miners, it is stored on the network. When you buy a bitcoin, it is stored in a virtual locker on your computer or mobile device where you can have it wherever and whenever you need it.

The advantage of using Bitcoin is that there are no intermediary banks, but the same Blockchain protocol on which they are based ensures the value of the currency.


internet of things

The Internet of Things is a series of technologies that allow the connection of all kinds of peripherals and machines with each other to collect information on their operation.

A whole series of machines are emerging that through different sensors allow us to give us information about their operation and operate them remotely.

Examples of machines or devices with this type of technology can be mobile phones, smartwatches, smart bulbs, plugs, thermostats…


This type of technology allows us to read a chip embedded in a card and obtain the information stored on it without contact.

It is currently used for online digital payments either through physical cards with a chip, mobile phones or smartwatches enabled with this type of technology.


Chatbots are programs that can carry on a conversation over the Internet as if they were a person. When interacting with them, you could come to think that you are talking to another human being, when in fact it is a robot.

Every day more companies are using them in the area of customer service to solve problems and answer simple questions. Shopping assistants are even being developed to make recommendations when you are looking for a product and guide you in virtual stores.


An e-book or digital book is a document, book or magazine in digital format.

The advantages of an e-book compared to a normal book are several such as portability, immediate purchase, being able to read on various devices such as tablets, mobile phones, e-book readers, etc.



The concept of the cloud refers to the network of servers, computers, interoceanic cables and other things that make up the Internet.

The cloud can be used in numerous ways such as file storage on external servers, applications hosted in the cloud, digital services with pay per use, etc.

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