Digital transformation of companies

Digital transformation of companies

For a few years, a concept called Digital Transformation of Companies has emerged.

But what is it and what are the implications?

The idea is to use technology to increase the performance of the company’s operations and above all to focus above all on customer service.

How can we help our clients to be more effective, more productive and help them solve their problems with new technologies?

One of the main tasks that arise, among others, is to automate manual tasks by making them automatic through digital means.

Many companies still carry out their administrative tasks with paper or with very outdated systems that could be digitized so that they were more effective.

In these times of teleworking, how many companies do not have multiple problems with their daily operations as they do not have their production process computerized?

What technologies can help us in the digitization of the company?

. The cloud

Cloud systems allow companies to save costs by not having to have physical servers and the cost of hardware, software licenses, infrastructures, etc. can be adopted following pay-per-use models to technology providers such as Microsoft, Amazon or Google. .

. Collaboration

Collaboration between company staff, with customers and suppliers makes processes more efficient and profitable.

Services such as videoconferences, collaborative work, email, etc. are essential today for any company,

. Online technical service

If the company has problems with its systems, applications or communications, remote assistance from technicians who can help us is more and more frequent.

. Massive Data Acquisition and High Capacity Databases

It is vital that all the data produced by the company is captured for subsequent analysis. Data Minning or Machine Learning processes can help us find patterns and anomalies in our processes.

It is no longer enough to act when an anomaly is detected, but we must be more proactive and try to solve problems before they occur.

. Mobility

Access to information from anywhere and from any device will allow employees to work outside the usual workplace.

. Bussines Intelligence Systems

BI systems help the management team in the decision-making process by clearly seeing, through Dashboards, reports and graphical data visualization, the key indicators of our organization.

Does our company have any or these advances?

To the extent that we are able to advance in digitization, we will be able to make companies, large or small, more productive and efficient, gaining in competitiveness.

The digital transformation of companies is a challenge that must be taken into account in order to move forward …


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