Edx Courses with Professional Certification

Edx Courses

Edx Courses with Professional Certification

Edx is a MOOC online course platform that promotes learning and education.

In a non-profit organization founded by Harvard and MIT.

Edx provides free access to a large number of courses and you can optionally get a certificate upon completion of the courses to accredit your knowledge in the area you have studied.

You can attach the certificate to your resume or upload it to employment platforms such as LinkedIn.

Edx provides various types of courses so that you can choose the one that best suits your possibilities

In this section we will go what types of courses are available, the most demanded courses, promotions in new courses …


Edx Courses with Professional Certification

Professional Certification programs are a series of courses designed by industry leaders and top universities to develop and enhance the professional skills necessary to succeed in today’s most demanding work environments.

Find the right program for your career

Professional Certification programs are offered in a variety of demanding work settings to help you progress.

Learn and gain experience at your own pace

On your PC, tablet or phone, online courses make learning flexible to fit your busy life.

Get a valuable certificate

Show your key competencies and your valuable knowledge.

Stand out in your professional field

Use the knowledge and skills you have learned to impact your work and advance your career.

Some courses that might interest you

Introduction to Python Programming

Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing

Professional Certificate in Mobile App Development with Swift



MicroMasters Certificates

Micro masters programs are a series of college-level courses offered by top universities and designed to advance your career. They provide deep learning in a specific field and are recognized by companies due to their professional relevance. Students can apply to the college that offers the MicroMasters program certificate credit and, if accepted, will be able to pursue an accelerated and affordable master’s degree.


Choose your program

MicroMasters programs offered by prestigious universities are designed for the best careers. Choose the one that best suits you.

Learn great things at your own pace

Complete each course, where and when you want – this is mastery made flexible!
Get a valuable certificate

Show that you have learned the fundamental knowledge and skills required to excel in your professional field.

Advance in your professional career

MicroMasters programs are validated by the best companies to ensure a competitive advantage in achieving professional success.
Or take a full master’s degree

Apply to the college that accepts the credits for your MicroMasters program certificate, and if accepted, the certificate will accelerate your degree.
MicroBachelors Programs

Regardless of whether or not you have college experience, MicroBachelors programs are designed for adult students who want to advance their professional career. Designed by top colleges and influenced by top-earning American companies, edX’s MicroBachelors programs are the only path to an undergraduate degree that prepares you for your work life today and empowers you on the go. You no longer have to wait years to change your future.


At around US $ 166 per credit, edX’s MicroBachelors programs are one of the cheapest ways to access college classes. And with the help of many companies to cover education costs for eligible employees, it can be inexpensive or even free to get started.

Flexible and relevant

With MicroBachelors programs, you can start with the content that interests you most online and at your own pace. Earn a certificate with each program to demonstrate your new achievement with the certainty that you have developed new skills that companies really take into account when hiring.

Real college credit

Each program includes actual, transferable college credit from one of edX’s college credit alliances. Combined with prior credit that you may have earned or plan to earn in the future, MicroBachelors programs get you on the right track to achieve your bachelor’s degree.