Increase your website traffic

If you have a website or blog and have few visits, increase the traffic of your website by following the following 6 tips

Create a sitemap

Search engines like Google go through the web indexing pages according to keywords or terms that will be used to show search pages.

If you create a sitemap.xml file with information from your website pages and you provide it to Google, it will index your website faster.

Sign up for Google Search

Go to the page and register your website.

Once registered you can add the sitemap.xml file

Internal links

Add links between the pages of your website.

Google likes to find links because it makes it easier for you to find more web pages.


External links

Put links that go to your website on other websites.

Try adding your links to highly reputable or highly viewed websites.


Improve your keywords

One of the key points to increase the traffic of your web page is to try to choose the most searched keywords in the headings of your pages.

There are pages that can inform you of how many visits you can have if you use some keywords or another.

It is also advisable to put the key phrase in the first paragraph to give more emphasis to the subject of the article and repeat it at some point in the article without being too artificial.


Article size

It is recommended that the text of the article should be at least 300 words.

Very short texts are not indexed well.

Making the text of the article more readable increases the traffic of your web page, try that the sentences are not very long, with subtitles and paragraphs not too long.


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