Internet of Things (IOT)

Internet of things - IOT

Continuing to comment on the latest technological trends, today I am going to talk about a technology that augurs a great future. The Internet of things or IOT.

The IOT is a technology that is based on connecting all kinds of devices to. Internet so that we can connect to them at any time and place and also provide them with a certain intelligence so that they connect with each other to carry out a task without our intervention.

This idea can be carried into many areas of our life so that tasks that otherwise must be done manually or semi-automatically can be automated.

Some areas in which IOT is already being used and which have a great future are

Smart Cities

The idea is to include in the cities all kinds of sensors that help us to obtain the state of our environment at all times.

Some areas in which this technology is already being used to a greater or lesser degree are

. know the status and waiting times on public transport

. know parameters such as temperature, humidity, rain forecast

. traffic conditions to be able to take alternative routes to our destination.

Smart Home

We can use the IOT in our homes to automate a whole series of tasks and obtain real-time information from some devices and appliances

We can connect lights, sockets, TVs, air conditioners, thermostats … to the internet to know their status and to be able to turn them off and on at will.

In these moments for example and with the help of personal assistants such as Alexa or Google Home we can

. turn off the lights when we leave a room

. turn off plugs from appliances that we are not using

. know the electrical consumption of our appliances

. regulate the temperature of a room


The use of Internet of things – IOT in the industry will help us to fully automate processes that until now were manual or automatic but not autonomous.

Together with other technologies they form what has been called Industry 4.0 that will revolutionize the industry as we know it today.

Some uses of IOT in industry could be

Predictive and proactive analysis

Optimization of processes

Improved productivity

Real-time monitoring

Operations security

Improvement in electricity consumption

Avoid human error

Massive data validation

Stock control



In other posts I will analyze this and other technologies in more detail so interesting that they will help us to be more informed and especially so that our companies are more efficient and competitive.

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