Interview with a Computer Scientist

We are going to start a series of fictitious interviews with a computer scientist to find out a bit about the current world of computing and what opinions may be valid for us to delve into what companies demand.

These types of interviews are short questions and answers on various topics in the world of technology, computing, courses, etc.

You can attach a comment or question that will be answered in this or in future interviews.


1. In this world that is changing and evolving day by day, what programming languages ​​do you think new generations of computer scientists should start learning?

If you are starting to program I would recommend you to start some type C or Python language.

The C language has a simple syntax that allows you to get into the most common control statements that are used in most languages.

Python is a language that is very fashionable lately and that when interpreted allows rapid development of applications, which facilitates many development and testing.


2. In the world of work which technologies should you master?

It all depends on the company in which you work, but it is demanding a lot of topics such as Cloud Computing, Data Analysis, Big Data, Machine Learning …

They are leading trends in the world of computing that represent the future in the medium and long term and that we can learn little by little.


3. In the field of training, what type of courses or resources do you think are the most suitable for learning technological subjects?

There are many platforms that offer online courses, some free and others paid, that you can follow to delve into different technical aspects that will be of great help to you.

In general, computer scientists are very self-taught and we are interested in various sources of information in which to develop our skills.

In particular, I like to read computer books and do tests with different programming environments following exercises or short courses focused on specific topics.


4. What tools do you recommend to get started in development?

Lately, development platforms are emerging that offer free introductory versions.

I recommend Microsoft’s Visual Studio environment that will help us make RAD (Rapid Application Development) applications in a variety of languages ​​(C #, VB.NET, Python ..)

5. In the world of WEB development, what would you advise to start working?

The Web world is very interesting and provides us with a very good level of communication both personally and business.

In the development of client-side applications, I would especially advise getting to know HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. In this sense, there are many manuals, courses, code to test different functionalities.

On the server side I advise PHP mostly.

As far as possible, I recommend having a website to test, develop a web application to train and have contact with these technologies.

(To be continue…)


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