Layout of books in EPUB format

If you are a writer or a publisher and you want to transfer your books or documents to EPUB format, we help you, with our Epubs Layout service you can publish your book on the main book publishing platforms.


The EPUB format will allow readers to read your book on various devices (mobile, tablet, pc, etc.) in a responsive way

With this, the text adjusts to the screen automatically.


With this format you can also change the font, font size, line spacing and other options from the device itself, making reading much more pleasant for the reader.


What do we offer you in our Epubs Layout?

Conversion of documents in digital format (doc, rtf, pages, pdf ..) to epub, mobi or pdf format

Manual epub editing to reformat the document with styles appropriate for responsive epub

Table of contents, notes, tables, graphics adapted to the epub format

Functional tests on various devices: tablet, mobile, kindle, pc …

Review and validation of the format so that it can be distributed on electronic book publishing platforms (Amazon, Apple ibook store, Kobo, Google Play books…)


Optionally we can also offer you:

Book Cover Design

Publication on the main distribution platforms (, smashwords, Amazon, Apple ibook store, Kobo, Google Play books…)


Contact us and we will give you a quote depending on the format of the book to lay out and the number of pages of it.

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