Most popular programming languages

Most popular programming languages

If you are interested in the world of programming, either because you are professionally dedicated or have a personal interest, you may have wondered which are the most popular programming languages ​​that you should study or which ones are more successful in the workplace.

In my particular case, I am a computer engineer and I have dealt with numerous programming languages ​​either for professional subjects or for the mere pleasure of learning new things.
I would recommend you study the following languages:


It is one of the easiest languages ​​to learn, with few keywords and a sometimes confusing but very practical syntax.
Also keep in mind that the C language syntax is used in many other languages ​​such as C ++, C #, Java and JavaScript. The C language also has the advantage of being able to be used in multiple operating systems such as Windows, Linux or Mac.
Today it is mostly used in systems development, operating systems or compilers.
On the contrary it is not used to develop user interfaces, client or server web development.


It is an object-oriented language in high demand today.
It has the advantage that it is cross-platform and general-purpose.
The language syntax is very similar to C language with extensions for class handling.
It is used in many areas of programming, both in desktop applications, web applications (applets), mobile systems (android) …


This is one the most popular programming languages.

It is also an object-oriented language that is very fashionable today.
It is an interpreted and dynamic language, multiplatform and general purpose.
It has a wide set of modules and frameworks.
It is widely used in Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, BackeEnd systems for websites, Mathematical analysis …


If you are interested in data processing, you must learn SQL in any of its commercial varieties, SQL server, MySql, Oracle …
It is used for the treatment of relational databases.
I would advise you to start with Sql Server from Microsoft as there are special free versions for students and people just starting out.

C # or VB.NET

They are Microsoft’s object-oriented languages.
The advantage of working with these languages ​​is the IDE provided by Microsoft (VisualStudio) as well as the extensive documentation that exists.

They are mainly used in desktop applications for Windows environment and are ideal for rapid prototyping that the customer can see in a short time without having to wait for the entire system to be developed.


Language used in the world of web development, especially on the Front-end.
It has a syntax similar to the C language.
It is an interpreted and dynamic language that allows us to develop programs quickly.
It is used in conjunction with HTML and CSS to create dynamic web pages.


There are many more languages ​​that you could learn like Ruby, PHP, Swift …
they are more specific for certain areas.

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