Programming with Python Class 1


We started the Programming with Python course, where we will start in this interesting programming language.

We will try to build python programs following a series of examples and comparing them with other languages ​​such as C or Java.

Language features

. Python is an interpreted language, therefore it is easier to start programming with it than other languages ​​such as C, C # or Java, since being compiled languages ​​have a higher learning curve.

. It is dynamic language where there is no previous declaration of types and the type of the variables is associated at run time as their values ​​are assigned.

. Being an interpreted and dynamic language the programmer can begin to see the results of the program as he writes it.

On the contrary, when not compiled, syntax errors are not detected until it is executed and their debugging is more difficult than other languages.

. It is an object-oriented language, in which classes and objects, inheritance, polymorphism, etc. can be declared.

. It has a wide variety of libraries or frameworks, making it ideal for multiple types of projects such as console-type applications, forms-based desktop applications, web backend applications, communications, data analysis, artificial intelligence, etc.


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