Programming with Python Class 2

Development environment

In order to program with python, we must first download the interpreter and the basic libraries.

There are several development environments to work with Python.

To start working we will go to the page and download Python version 3.7.

We install it in the folder c: \ python37

Once installed we look for the IDLE access (Python GUI) which is the integrated development environment that comes with Python by default

For students who want to test with Python on a tablet or mobile, they can run the examples on the page

For people who use Windows systems you can download the Visual Studio 2017 development environment with the Python plugin.

We will go to the page

And we downloaded the Community version of Visual Studio

Once installed we select the Python Tools for Visual Studio.

Once everything is installed, we open Visual Studio and create a new python console project.

We will create the python project in the c: \ python folder

This project is the one that we will use throughout the course.


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