Programming with Python Class 5

Real projects

We are going to make a parenthesis in the usual course of the course to propose a series of projects that we could carry out with Python.

The idea is to carry out a real project that helps us delve into the programming language and investigate new concepts.

I propose to carry out any of the following projects:


Project 1: Web Scraping for SEO

This project consists of given the direction of a web page to analyze its content to obtain information to improve the SEO positioning of the website.

Tasks such as:

. Count words from page content

. Get the page metatag title

. Get the metatag description

. Get most used keywords in the title, description, h1, h2, content …


Project 2: Simple chat room

This project would try to make a client / server application to communicate two computers through sockets.

A computer would act as a client and another as a server.


Project 3: Analysis of relational data

This project would consist of analyzing a large volume of data from a relational database in order to obtain statistical information that we can use as a basis for machine learning or data mining.

It would be nice if you proposed a project that you are interested in and see if it would be feasible to do it in Python or would be more appropriate to do it in another programming language.

I await your comments, greetings.


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