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We start the free online Python tutorial, in which we will get started in this interesting programming language.


Python languages ​​are having a lot of acceptance in recent years due to the speed with which we can develop our applications, the large number of libraries and modules that we can have to make our developments and that makes it ideal for Machine Learning projects, Analysis of data and Artificial Intelligence, among others.

In the Python language, three paradigms of programming are condensed, such as: traditional imperative programming (like other C-type languages), object-oriented programming (like that developed in languages ​​like Java or C #) and functional programming (like Scala or Lisp). This provides us with a range of programming options that we will hardly find in other programming languages.


Throughout the course we will see examples and compare them with other languages ​​such as C or Java.

This python tutorial consists of 12 classes in which we will delve into this programming language, seeing several interesting aspects.

In the introduction we will do a review of the language and how it is classified compared to other languages.

In class 2 we will indicate different development environments in which we can test the different concepts that we will be addressing.

Classes 3 to 6 we will see the main syntax of the programming language and we will give some examples

In classes 7 to 9 we will delve into the most advanced data structures of the language, its definition and its use.

In class 10 we will be putting some examples that will be illustrative of how to program in Python

In classes 11 and 12 we will see some more advanced aspects of Python such as graphical display and functional programming.


In later courses we will see some interesting projects to develop in Python and that will help us to practice what we have learned.

Once this course is finished you can continue learning Python with the Web scraping with python where a complete project is developed with this language and where you can expand concepts and see the possibilities that the language has.

You can also follow this python tutorial through the ebook

Ebook Programming with Python


We encourage you to follow this and other courses that we put at your disposal so that you can start or expand your computer knowledge and that can help you in your professional development in the future.

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