Publish your Epub on SMASHWORD

Publish your Epub on SMASHWORD

Do you have an ebook and want to sell it on the main publishing platforms? Publish your Epub on SMASHWORD…


If you want, I help you publish your ebook on the main platforms through


On this platform they are in charge of sending it to

Smashwords store
apple ibookstore
Barnes & Noble
Baker & Taylor’s Axis 360
Gardners Extended Retail
Gardners Library

The Royalties (what the author earns) depends on the platform that sells the ebook and is usually 85% if it is sold on smashwords and on the order of 60% if it is sold on the other platforms (it may vary depending on the sale price )


In order for your book to be accepted on publishing platforms, you have to adjust the epub following a publication guide provided by smashwords and adjust some options so that you don’t have problems uploading it.

With our epub editing tools and their validation we can save you the problems you may have.

We also give you some tips such as what price to put to increase your sales, how you can promote it online, how you can improve the cover to get a greater impact and much more to make your work more interesting.


Here I leave you some links to my books published in Smashwords so you can see how it looks

Web Scraping for SEO with Python

Web Development Step by Step

Introduction to C Programming, a Practical Approach


Barnes & Noble




Send me an e-mail at and I give you the price and the steps to follow to publish your books

Publish your Epub on SMASHWORD and start selling …

!! I wait for you !!


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