Smart Home with Alexa

Some time ago I was interested in the concepts of Home Automation and Smart Home with Alexa to automate and take advantage of the new devices that have emerged to make life at home easier.


I was looking on Amazon and bought the Amazon Echo.

Smart Home with Alexa


This device is a speaker that contains microphones and has the virtual assistant Alexa, with which you can get started in the world of Smart Home.

The first thing to do is connect the device to the internet through Wifi.


Some uses that can be made of the device are:


. listen to streaming music from Amazon Music, Spotiffy … just say “Alexa put music on Spotify …” to start playing your favorite music.


. listen to audiobooks


. tell Alexa to read you books (only the ones you have downloaded from Amazon)


. you can connect smart devices such as light bulbs, sockets, thermostats …

You can associate a name to each device and say “Alexa turn on the light bulb” or “Alexa turn off the plug”


. you can synchronize a mobile, TV .. with the Echo via Bluetooth and thus listen to music or TV on the speaker.


. you can set alarms so that Alexa alerts you at certain times.

. you can check news and weather


All this and many more things you can do with the Amazon Echo and the virtual assistant Alexa

In the future, all electrical appliances will be connected to the internet and with our voice assistant we will be able to access them from anywhere

. see if they are working well

. schedule them

. turn them on and off

. multi-channel and multi-device access

. fast access through communication networks such as 5G, fiber optics or WIFI


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