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Advanced Web Scraping Course

Welcome to the Advanced Web Scraping course: Techniques and Tools for Data Extraction

In this course we will learn several techniques to extract data from the network and its implementation in various programming languages such as Python and PHP.

Product Feed for Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has become an effective strategy to generate income online. One of the key tools in this field is the product feed, which provides up-to-date data about products and their features. In this article, we’ll explore how to leverage product feeds to supercharge your affiliate marketing and achieve success in the competitive online world.

10 Information Security Tips

Cyber security has become a very important issue in our digital life. As we spend more time online, it is crucial to take steps to protect our personal information and keep ourselves safe from cyber threats. In this article, we will present ten practical cyber security tips that will help you strengthen your online security posture and protect your sensitive data. From creating strong passwords to using two-factor authentication, these tips will give you a solid foundation for protecting yourself from cybercriminals.


10 Most Demanded Technical Professions

10 Most Demanded Technical Professions of the Future: Preparing You for Career Success Introduction As we move into an increasingly technological age, technical professions are experiencing increasing demand in the job market. If you’re considering a career in technology, it’s crucial to be aware of the trends and professions that…

Learn Python with examples

Learn Python with examples There are many ways to learn to program in a specific programming language, from reading manuals or technical books, following MOOC-type online courses… One Learn Python with examplesway to learn to program is to develop specific programming examples, starting by solving small examples or problems.


Basic Course ChatGPT from 0

Basic Course ChatGPT from 0 We start the ChatGPT Basic Course from 0 where we will see what ChatGPT is, what uses we can give it, what prompts to use to extract information, etc. If you are interested in the interesting world of AI and want to follow its progress.

Convert text to speech with play.ht

Convert text to speech with play.ht Currently there are several tools that allow us to convert text to speech. A highly recommended option is provided by the website play.ht


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Augmented Reality is going to change everything for creative skills

Apple finally launched its highly anticipated AR headset Vision Pro. The reality in which learning becomes a truly immersive experience is closer than ever before.

Generative AI: A Beginner’s Guide

In December 2022, ChatGPT was introduced. The introduction of this AI chatbot marked a turning point in the history of technology. Its rapid growth surpassed that of any other platform in history and it sparked a revolution in the field of generative AI applications. This new wave has impacted virtually every domain and field, from healthcare to finance to entertainment. As a result, generative AI technologies have many potential uses, and their impact on society is still being explored.