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ChatGPT Artificial intelligence

The revolution with which we have started this year 2023 is, without a doubt, the artificial intelligence of ChatGPT that can be part of many areas of our lives. It has surprised the world with its enormous capabilities, being a conversational AI based on an advanced GPT-3 text comprehension/generation model and that can offer us detailed answers with the most ‘natural’ language possible.


Data scientist A career with a future

Data scientist A career with a future A professional career that is booming lately is that of Data Scientist. In this article we explain what a data scientist is, what areas he specializes in, and the benefits it can have for your professional future.

Free programming ebooks

Free programming ebooks. In this entry I am going to put books in PDF or Epub format that deal with Programming, computer science and innovation that I am reading and that may interest you. Some ebooks you can download for free and others you can get on Amazon.

Digital Culture

On this occasion we are going to talk about some concepts related to the digital culture in which we are immersed in these last years